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Join the SWPC Family 

Like many choirs and orchestras membership can be fluid, however, we are proud to maintain a strong and steady core of 135 musicians. SWPC is a non-auditioned ensemble however we do ask instrumentalists and orchestral players to have appropriate playing experience and ability. 


String Section

We are currently desperately seeking viola players to join SWPC,

 and will always welcome all string players.



We are always welcoming new members, so pop along and join us and see how you get on. No need to read music and NO AUDITIONS.

Trumpet Player

Brass Section

We are keen to welcome new trumpet and trombone players to join SWPC. We would be particularly keen to hear from a principle trumpet player.

Percussion Section

We have a small selection of in house percussion including kit and aux, and are looking for a keep player to join us on a permanent basis. We hire in timpani closer to performances 

Playing the Timpani

Woodwind Section

We have a vibrant section currently and are looking for a second oboist and bassoonist to join the SWPC family. Our flute and clarinet sections are currently full.  

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